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Banana & Yogurt Mini Shells

Updated: May 17, 2019

Ingredients: 1 Medium Banana, 1 Athens Mini Phyllo Dough Cups 15 Count, 1 Container of Dannon Lit & Fit 80 Calorie Vanilla Yogurt 5.3 oz. Hershey's syrup or other toppings optional.

Bake shells according to package directions. While shells are baking cut banana in 15 equal slices. Spoon a dollop of the yogurt on the bottom of each shell, add the sliced banana, add a small dollop for topping. Optional: drizzle chocolate, strawberry or desired syrup of your choice on top, enjoy!

Calories - 15 calories per 1 phyllo cup, 7 calories per banana slice, 5 1/2 calories per yogurt dollops. Optional drizzle 5 calories - Total each shell with drizzle 32 1/2 calories