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May The Road Rise Up To Meet You!

Updated: May 5, 2019

Welcome to my current mindset also known as self-loathing of a body image. Ten years ago I started a regime of exercising and monitoring what I was eating, in fourteen months I was able to shed 60 pounds, a win under my svelte belt. Maintaining a healthy weight for almost two years was not an easy chore, but it was doable and I carried on gaining a little in the interim. In the months thereafter my daily routine was no longer sensible, and I began slipping into a rut, not blaming anyone or anything because the failures just happened,

such was life. Something that I vowed would never occur again on my watch was right underneath my feet and it resembled a scale that I had hidden in my linen closet for two years. Being a pro at guessing my weight, I knew what that number was and how it would illuminate and stay scorched in my brain. Therefore keeping that digital apparatus hidden, and concealing the evidence saved me from the truth that I did not want to face. Yes, to my chagrin it was the same inactivity and poor eating habits that were causing the identical issues that began my initial quest all those years prior of trying to change my lifestyle. I held my breath, took out that scale and began the second round of permanently adjusting my

forever behaviors towards eating and activity.

It may seem selfish, but for me writing a blog keeps me accountable for my actions. It's good to show readers that a 66-year-old woman still has some fight to overcome hurdles and try to reach an ultimate objective. This time, however, my goal is sensible and I would like to reach an attainable weight that will be suitable for my age, body type, and well-being. I began that familiar journey on February 3rd, and in thirteen weeks I am down now 11 pounds, and it will be a continuing process.

I've been blog silent for almost seventeen months. As in the last published blogs of Baby Boomer Way & RWW, I will write entries that report progress and/or failures, post inspirational photos and memes, share recipes, and hope that you continue following me on this personal adventure! Since that last entry a year and a half ago I've encountered tears of sadness and tears of joy. I've lost my dear Sister to a heart attack last September at the age of 70, and I became a first-time Grandmother two months later with the birth of my Grandson. Losing a beautiful soul and gaining another keeps the inspiration and aim for a healthier lifestyle a maximum crusade. Remember to keep those sacred to you in your heart and mind and continue keeping healthy and fit!

P.S. Hopefully I will add 5k races to my agenda as well, so I can live up to my blog name!

May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back.