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Scale Shedding Secrets

Updated: May 28, 2019

I was fortunate enough to care for my 6-month-old grandson exclusively for five full days which was cause for concern since the house has two floors, and I do not see him as frequently as I'd like since he lives 350 miles away. I told my daughter I would follow her orders but that I had some issues going up and down the staircase with an active child in my arms. Since he is still in infancy it was a daunting task from trying to keep him on the same schedule that he was familiar with, to feeding him a bottle when he is used to breast milk among other concerns.

Hurray for us since it was May and he loves being outdoors we were able to take him for a ride in the stroller four out of the five days we were with him. If it were not for Ed being there keeping him entertained, carrying him around the house, solo walking him in the stroller, etc. I would not have kept my sanity and well-being. Now I know why women over 55 are typically Grandmothers!

He's 14 pounds and quite heavy if you are not used to holding him, he's very active and strong, and the most challenging aspect of our caregiving were naps, twenty minutes was his average length of sleep, and we were forewarned. I was exhausted, and in bed by 10 pm all of those five nights. My daughter asked if there was anything special to have in for any of our meals. I asked for some fruit, Greek yogurt, and 45 calories a slice wheat bread for breakfast. For dinners we ordered from Grub Hub various ethnic foods that are familiar and popular restaurants in the neighborhood, we don't have this service available at home (you order and have to pick up yourself), so it was quite a luxury for us. After the six-hour drive home we were pooped and happy about sleeping in our own beds.

The next day after waking up in familiar surroundings, my legs ached, I felt rested and all I could think of was how I missed our sweet little man. I stepped on the scale and was down 2 1/2 pounds, wow! I attributed the weight loss to climbing up and down the staircase which are seventeen steps at least 10-12 times a day for naps, changing diapers, baths, and clothing mishaps. I highly recommend this opportunity if it comes along for you to volunteer your parenting skills to the helpless little ones who depend on our love and nurturing skills. Keep healthy and fit by caring for an infant who happens to have their nursery on the second floor!