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The Coveted End Piece!

Of course I want to be like Oprah and eat bread everyday, and in actuality I basically do. One of the elements for my daily breakfast menu consists of two slices of 45 calorie, light style 100% whole wheat bread baked by Pepperidge Farm. I finished a loaf recently and picked up a new one on after I had already eaten my breakfast, knowing I would enjoy it the next morning.

I had commitments on that afternoon with friends and returned home in the early

evening to enjoy a delicious grilled sockeye salmon dinner. So this morning I was ready to relish my routine breakfast fare and started to prepare my meal of toast, yogurt, and fruit. I always enjoy a newly opened bag of my favorite bread since the end or heel of the loaf is thicker and much heftier than the rest of the slices, kind of a small reward for my practices of losing weight. When I opened the bag the two fresh pieces were missing, and that included the substantial end piece. I was fuming that my strongly desired slice was removed unbeknownst to me. Since there would be only one culprit, I confronted the pilferer directly and asked "where is my coveted piece of bread"? The response was "I made myself a sandwich yesterday when you were gone for the afternoon of tomato, onion, cucumber and mustard". Now I would not have minded so much if he asked my permission or made something that I would have enjoyed, but that lunch item was pale in comparison to what I would have made for myself.

Although the criminal did grill a delightful dinner the night before, I was ready to give him a pass, but when he went on to assure me that there is another hefty slice at the other end of the loaf this did not comfort me as there are 20 more slices (or 10 days) to go to enjoy my voluminous wedge. Keep healthy and fit by guarding your coveted and deserving prize!